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 Conscious creatives connecting home and soul.


Look around you. Your stuff is constantly triggering subconscious thoughts and feelings. All the time. Every time you look at it ask yourself: Is it uplifting you? Does it sing of what you desire to be, have, and do in life? Or is it telling a story that is triggering sadness, pain, or someone else’s story? Your home has the potential to be a powerful manifesting tool. It’s like the difference between trying to take a road trip in a jalopy that breaks down and stresses you out, or a high performance vehicle delivering you in ease, joy, and luxury. Is your home a Nova or a Tesla?


It all starts with the heart of you. Your home really can support you- who you are, want to become more of, what you love and what your dreams, goals, and desires are. It becomes that theme that guides your choices, like a creative game. Choices for your home come from a deeper place than what looks good on Pinterest,it is YOU, deeply and completely, YOU. It is also a powerful manifesting tool. This is the secret sauce- you! Tell me about who you are and we’ll use that to create!


Together we will come up with fun and easy changes that are your style to make your home flow with inspiration, joy, and ease to support the life you are passionate about living. Wherever you are in your journey–loads of time for DIY projects, or moments here and there–it is possible to make powerful changes that will support you. Do you want to work with what you have or design a new home? We can work with that and get lasting changes. Same with your budget, whether you want a substantial investment in your home or to limit your budget to a couple of things from the Target dollar bins. It’s the intention and the power behind the changes that matter and a creative process that connects your home and soul!

It happens: Decluttering Overwhelm. Your overwhelm might be getting started, in the middle when it’s a whole new hot mess or trying to just finish up with all the random bits… and you are not alone.

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I love finding the magical whimsy in the mundane, the spark of something new that can only happen when creatives collaborate and the journey of being the fullest expression of my highest self. 

A long story short…

Creative Collaboration is one of my deepest joys and passions. I love the experience of two or more creative souls connecting with a common vision and bringing forth something completely new and original. I have found that equally in creating make believe worlds for make believe people for stage and screen, and with real people, by seeing how your surroundings can support you on the journey of your life becoming a hit show. 

A short story long… 

Interior designers express themselves through the design of a home, same as architects. My experience and training is in creating make believe worlds for make believe people by designing costumes, sets and lighting for theater and film. Everything you see is a metaphor to help tell the story. A chaotic world needs a chaotic set.A costume tells you who a character is before they say a word. Lighting is painting with emotion, and costumes for dance can be pure emotion as well. 

My favorite part of creating a new show is the beginning when the creative team gathers and works together to form a world in which each disciple will use their area of expertise to tell their part of the story. I love the magic that happens (usually) when different creatives peel away the layers of a story to get to the heart and soul of it, to form a new world to take the audience on an adventure. 

I love this work, and yet, there was always something deeper that called to me, to help people, to leave the world a better place than I found it. 

I had a “dress rehearsal” marriage that was toxic (I feared for my life) and I longed to feel adored. I found art of women being adored and hung them around my house, thinking that he would be inspired to change. Ha! I changed. I realized that he was not going to ever be able to adore me the way I longed to be adored… and I started working on myself, and how I got there… which lead to one of those classic spiritual awakenings…and I really saw the potential of my home to be a powerful manifesting tool as well as inspiration for mindset shifting support. I studied everything I could about the connection between inner and outer worlds, including Feng Shui, Vaastu, and Native American traditions. How stores and advertising were designed to get us to buy more can be applied to how our home speaks to our subconscious and gets us to behave the way they want us to.. I got attuned in a couple of master levels of energy healing modalities, and then experimented. A lot. And when friends would come to my home they would stop in the same spot and say pretty much the same thing: 

“You changed something, did you get new furniture? “ 

“Nope all the same furniture” 

“Well you did something it feels so good” 

“I’ve been putting good intentions into it and changing how the energy flows” 

“Whatever you’re doing, come to my house and make it feel good too.”


I did. 

And it worked: homes and then businesses felt better and lives got better.


My Box of Tricks, Toolbox, and Experiences

  • Began creating healing spaces in 1997 with over 750 homes and businesses and taught thousands
  • Published chapters in 101 Great Ways to Improve Your LIfe, Life Lessons in Mastering the Law Of Attraction WorkBook (Chicken Soup for the Soul), and in Networking Times magazine. 
  • BFA, MFA, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU in Design for Stage and Screen-costume, set and lighting design and exchange program with Columbia University: directing with Anne Bogart 
  • First theatrical experience: adapting Hello Moon and The Hobbit for my second-grade class 
  • Designed in most of the off, off Broadway theaters in NYC and a few off Broadway theaters. Many experimental plays-big on innovation and imagination and not much on budget taught me to create anything with almost nothing. 
  • Costume design work had been funded by the National Endowment for the Arts
  • Adjunct Professor of Costume Design
  • Master Level (Reiki, Igili) in a couple of healing modalities that I use for healing homes and spaces that, in turn, heal the people in them.
  • Motherhood 
  • Continue to design professionally, mostly costumes for modern dance as it fits in with motherhood
  • Co-founder of the alternative micro-school, Sundial Learning Center Co-op 
  • Studied and had various businesses since I was 11 and most of my life I’ve been self-employed doing some kind of creative work. 
  • Consistently doing inner/spiritual work since 19, meditating since 14.


Kristy has an amazing gift that so many individuals, families, and businesses need to take advantage of. She brings many of her talents and strengths together to help clients generate a shift in their physical space as well as within their own being.

What started out for me as some simple tools to start a summer project to purge the children’s toy room one July afternoon turned into a deeper transformational session to discover what was blocking my business and career.

In my business, I was taking actions building a movement for moms and every project I tried to launch was put on hold. Kristy and I created a session to look at what was happening in my home and how the spaces of my home were speaking to me. Kristy listened intently to all my concerns and added feedback when needed. For example, one of the areas that I didn’t realize was playing a huge part in my block was in my laundry room. My laundry room is the first room I enter when I park my car in the garage. And, the first thing I see when I entered was shoes and storage items on a tall wooden shelving unit. I didn’t realize the “ugh” within me every time I walked in until Kristy had me look. I changed the room adding pictures and I removed some of the things that were being stored out in my view. Now the entrance is a reflection of positivity, new beginnings, and flow.

Another example of Kristy’s gift is her ability to listen and create space for the unsaid to be said. Kristy sat with me and asked questions about my business and the concerns I had. Kristy held space and a deep sadness rose up within me that I didn’t realize was hidden inside. As I was able to realize the sadness, the pain, and the shame I was carrying, I was able to create a whole new world for how the movement I was creating and a career could show up. Within days of this, I received a callback about a career opportunity that I was super interested in. I’m currently in conversations with the company to create a position with them. As well, eight other opportunities have shown up over the last 2 weeks since our session.

Kristy also provided me with powerful tools using red to draw my eye to them. We created affirmations together on red paper to assist me in my career transition. As well, whenever I’m clearing out an area I use a reusable Target shopping bag to draw my eye to the place I will clean next. It works and is super powerful.

Last but not least, Kristy worked with my whole family. Her intuition allows her to point out specific areas that each person was able to use immediately. Our home was cleared energetically as well which provided a whole new space for us to live in!

Whether you are looking for a personal or professional shift in your life, Kristy provides what you need to jump start that change and provides quick, effective and powerful shifts for you and your surroundings. I highly recommend her for personal and business transformations.”

-Ann Goldstein Calling

A Magical Collaboration

What I want you to know about working together is that this is a collaboration. It’s your life and home and tastes, which I deeply honor and have no agenda to change who you are or how you live–just to help you be more of you–the deepest part of you that yearns to be expressed and lived fully. I want you to have a home that nurtures you and reminds you of who you are and helps you manifest the life that is truly you. I see you as the star in the hit show of your life. 

Your part is to show up, open and honest with where you are and where you want to be. Be open to listening to the song in your heart. My part is to listen deeply and fully to what is said and unsaid, to read the energy of your home and give suggestions for changes that work with the time you have and within a budget that is comfortable. Or maybe just a little outside of comfort. Yes, I will challenge you to step outside of comfortable in order to shift. I believe in you, I know you can do it, even when it’s uncomfortable. I am here for you. 

I don’t care what your home looks like. In fact, I would rather see how you really live in your home and where the energy and stuff gets stuck, like the laundry pile in the hallway and junk counter by the front door, than have you clean like crazy and present a museum quality version of your home. 

I have no judgement; you can have no shame. Okay? 

Now is a great time to create together: 

Inner shift-you are changing internally and want to live in your present and not your past: 

  • Spiritual Awakening 
  • Mindset work 
  • Recovery from Addiction 
  • Integrate work with a Mentor, Guru, Leader 
  • Trauma healing 
  • Up-leveling business success and prosperity 
  • Ongoing spiritual journey 
  • Healing mind/body/spirit

Outer Shifting- your home is changing, and you need to make room for the new. 

  • Divorce 
  • New baby 
  • Moving 
  • Building a new home 
  • Redecorating 
  • Empty Nest 
  • A partner/spouse/ roommate is joining your home 
  • Remodeling 
  • Repairs from damage 
  • Landscaping 
  • Loss of beloved 
  • Health challenge

Your own unique experience: By this point, I think that more than anything, you have a deep knowing that we might be able to create profound, lasting shifts in your life. The wisdom you gain from working with me can be applied to your home for the rest of your life. 

Let’s chat on a Connection Call if you feel this is for you. If you would like to do some in-depth work over time, which is profound, we will need to connect first and make sure we are aligned. It’s on the house! 

Consulting Packages


“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Kristy a few weeks ago. She is helping me create a new space in my home that will reflect what is important to me. Her knowledge of a space is amazing! Helping me to choose the perfect color and items to change the energy in my space. I am so looking forward to this process with her! Thank you so much for your guidance!”
Danielle Kehs

” Kristy and I have known each other for about a year, and in that time I’ve learned how much I love and admire her. However, I had NO idea how talented she is as a House Therapist. She sensed I needed a little juju after a few walks on the treadmill and, knowing I’m also a realtor, wanted to let me in on a little secret of hers.

She can completely transform my life.

It took 90 minutes. We welcomed her into our home and in essence she helped us get to our core being (my husband and I) by having our HOUSE support our true selves. After a brief breathing and centering, His office was transformed within minutes with a few minor changes. He will testify to the productive day that would ensue! Then for me, I “emptied my basket” while she held space and came up with an easy action plan and a few changes to the home to support me. Worked like a charm and everyday I thank you when I move through it with ease and grace- and inspiration!! Hopefully others will enjoy the same service, as it was truly life changing. I got a jump start on an outline for my screenplay and started morning pages at my new writing space. Can’t say enough good things. Feel free to call me for more testimonial on my experience!!

Kristine H

Working with Kristy is just divine. She has a unique way of seeing you and your home in a brand new light. Really hearing your vision and getting to know you in the process and by just teaching you how to see your home in a new way giving it the life you’ve been craving. Highly recommend her. ❤️❤️❤️
Kristine Casart

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